Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Need of UPS at business place

Why you need to have a UPS at the Business place?

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, UPS is useful for you. It helps save your time and keeps your business running efficiently. Uninterruptible power supply or UPS is an electronic device which is attached to the computer for helping it to run when the power goes out. It also saves power surges and has a battery that becomes functional at the time of primary power loss. Understanding the grave need of a UPS in a workplace, many manufacturing companies have extended the hand for producing the battery backup device.

Power Spike

When you ask Anamika Power Corporation for UPS on rent, you are assured to have a protection against power spikes. In an electric circuit, the power surges or spikes define the short-term or fast electronic transient. Transferred energy spikes, current spikes and voltage spikes are commonly observed. In the electric circuit, the lightning strikes, power transitions or tripped circuit breakers mainly cause over-voltage or fast and short-term electrical transients.

Less Functional Single-Points

While choosing UPS of corporate, the single point may not maintain a high level of reliability. The one-point can be a failure because it generally disrupts other systems. For adding the much-required reliability, it is important to have several small UPS modules along with batteries that can keep up the integration.
With the multiple UPS modules, you can have top-notch quality protection which will have the same capacity as one large UPS.

Loss of Input Voltage

While deciding to UPS for hire from Anamika Power Corporation, the large enterprises are freed from the worries of power loss, power failure or power cut. Faults at the power station, damage to substation or power lines, issues in electricity network or other components of the distribution system and even a short circuit. The overloading of electricity can also be the reason behind blackout but with UPS, these problems will not be bothersome.

Increases Productivity

At the time of blackout or power loss, the workflow is hampered on a large scale. In order to keep up your productivity of the day, it is essential to get UPS on rent. Many of the times the employees have nothing to do or wait till night for finishing the allocated tasks. Even if it works for a short period, you can get enough time to save your important data and tasks.
In addition the context, sudden power cut generally leads to data loss which is a huge problem for an organisation. Hence, for saving time and money, nothing can beat the importance of a UPS.

Power Sag

As defined by an electrical engineer, power sag is a term used for sustained or temporary reduced amount of input voltage. In a simplified manner, a fall in the electrical power supply refers to brownout or power sag. At this time, with UPS for hire, anyone can be guaranteed to have the same power flow as before.

Protects Computer Hardware

A multinational company focuses on maintaining its high market growth across the globe. However, if the equipment breaks down every now and then, the employees may be deprived of taking the important sales call or conducting the video conference overseas. Moreover, electricity interruption is one of the main causes of damaging the computer hardware.
The computer is not turned off the property or the hard drive becomes inaccessible at the time of data transfers. Moreover, power fluctuations or flickering can turn a computer off and on continuously. UPS of corporate assures that your computer does not blow off and remains functional after the sudden blackout.

Maintenance for UPS of Corporate

The electronic devices are fragile and without proper maintenance, they fail to function effectively. It is recommended to get in touch with Anamika Power Corporation on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis for ensuring the productivity of this battery back-up device.


In the monthly maintenance service, the professional runs a visual inspection and assessment for deterioration or wear of battery cabinet or batteries. Additionally, ambient temperature and the UPS environment are checked for getting rid of dust or electrolyte.


The monthly checks are included and the voltage of every cell is measured. Moreover, the negative-post temperature or ambient temperature is evaluated.


The yearly maintenance service is an extension to the monthly and quarterly services. Checking and measuring the torque of every connection along with cable resistance testing are done to make sure the UPS function fine.
This is how you can make the most of the UPS and keep your organisation running smoothly. You should choose best company and plan for better results. This is quite important to choose right UPS on rent service provider.
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