Thursday, 29 November 2018

Qualities Key Factor for choosing UPS

Qualities Key Factor for choosing UPS

Power-cut or blackout is one of the most predictable things that anyone may come across in the workplace. Not only can data get lost but also the electronic devices can blow up or get damaged forever. For saving months of works and loads of bucks, it is essential to have a top uninterruptible power supply or UPS in the office. However, finding the right UPS is a difficult task; hence, understanding the key qualities of the battery backup device is much needed.

Features of a Top UPS

It is a common notion among people that when you plug in the UPS at the time of the blackout, the device’s battery starts functioning. However, the truth deviates from the popular idea.
Anamika Power Corporation is giving you option to rent the best UPS that has a wide range including a software suite controlled by PC, USB connectivity and battery disconnecting notification. Apart from these basic specifications observed in the consumer-level unit, the professional units come with swappable batteries and LED reporting the left time for runtime and battery charge.

Functional for Long Run

When the top UPS is selected, it is important to think how long the device will be used. For personal usage, generally the battery backup device is rented to run for a short period and save the data on time. Nevertheless, for the commercial or professional purpose, UPS is selected to run for a long period of blackout lasting over an hour.
In order to get a concise understanding of how long the uninterruptible power supply will run, you should always go through the product description. For an example, a UPS can power 100 watts of an electronic device for 1 hour or can power 400 watts of the device for less than 10 minutes.


The rental company, Anamika Power Corporation indicates that reliability defines the situation where a component or system can work under the critical condition. Additionally, reliability is based on the allotted period of time for which the best UPS is produced. However, you should keep in mind that a high level of reliability is not assessed considering one device and the entire electrical system design is considered.
For facilitating complex situation, reliability is a key factor for the uninterruptible power supply device.

Ambient Temperature

The ambient temperature is a key factor for the battery backup device because the heat increases reaction within the battery. There is a high chance of the battery breaking down if the battery reaction works faster. For each 8.3°C (15°F), the average yearly temperature goes over 25°C (77°F); then 50% of life battery is reduced.
Drying out is another issue that can affect the condition of the battery. Also, overcharging can deteriorate the battery health and result in excessive heating. For expanding the battery life, it is better to keep the room temperature at 77°F.


At the time of renting the best UPS, the device needs to have an updated technology for providing the consumer with the top-notch service. You can inquire the customer service whether the technology can lower present current distortion that may leave an impact on the input power factor of the UPS.
In addition to the context, the drawbacks of passive filler technology indicate that there may be degeneration of its function and efficiency in future. The technology of this uninterruptible power supply device is required to be changed in every seven-eight years. In a nutshell, expensiveness increases cost of ownership to the battery backup system.

Battery Price

Many of the UPS rental companies in the market include the price of the battery within the system price. When you calculate the system price excluding the battery price, you can get the device at a lower price only if there is better battery available with more efficient features and design. However, for this, you should inquire the professional of the rental company about the battery design and model.
The premium quality battery will always be ideal for the long haul and the fuel rate will not burn your pocket either. Apart from the battery price, you can shoot queries regarding energy loss due to inefficiency, installation cost and maintenance cost for understanding your need for investing.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

What are the applications of UPS?

What are the applications of UPS?

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Importance of UPS in Hospitals

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Hire or rent UPS, as per your requirement

Hire or rent UPS, as per your requirement

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Need of UPS at business place

Why you need to have a UPS at the Business place?

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, UPS is useful for you. It helps save your time and keeps your business running efficiently. Uninterruptible power supply or UPS is an electronic device which is attached to the computer for helping it to run when the power goes out. It also saves power surges and has a battery that becomes functional at the time of primary power loss. Understanding the grave need of a UPS in a workplace, many manufacturing companies have extended the hand for producing the battery backup device.

Power Spike

When you ask Anamika Power Corporation for UPS on rent, you are assured to have a protection against power spikes. In an electric circuit, the power surges or spikes define the short-term or fast electronic transient. Transferred energy spikes, current spikes and voltage spikes are commonly observed. In the electric circuit, the lightning strikes, power transitions or tripped circuit breakers mainly cause over-voltage or fast and short-term electrical transients.

Less Functional Single-Points

While choosing UPS of corporate, the single point may not maintain a high level of reliability. The one-point can be a failure because it generally disrupts other systems. For adding the much-required reliability, it is important to have several small UPS modules along with batteries that can keep up the integration.
With the multiple UPS modules, you can have top-notch quality protection which will have the same capacity as one large UPS.

Loss of Input Voltage

While deciding to UPS for hire from Anamika Power Corporation, the large enterprises are freed from the worries of power loss, power failure or power cut. Faults at the power station, damage to substation or power lines, issues in electricity network or other components of the distribution system and even a short circuit. The overloading of electricity can also be the reason behind blackout but with UPS, these problems will not be bothersome.

Increases Productivity

At the time of blackout or power loss, the workflow is hampered on a large scale. In order to keep up your productivity of the day, it is essential to get UPS on rent. Many of the times the employees have nothing to do or wait till night for finishing the allocated tasks. Even if it works for a short period, you can get enough time to save your important data and tasks.
In addition the context, sudden power cut generally leads to data loss which is a huge problem for an organisation. Hence, for saving time and money, nothing can beat the importance of a UPS.

Power Sag

As defined by an electrical engineer, power sag is a term used for sustained or temporary reduced amount of input voltage. In a simplified manner, a fall in the electrical power supply refers to brownout or power sag. At this time, with UPS for hire, anyone can be guaranteed to have the same power flow as before.

Protects Computer Hardware

A multinational company focuses on maintaining its high market growth across the globe. However, if the equipment breaks down every now and then, the employees may be deprived of taking the important sales call or conducting the video conference overseas. Moreover, electricity interruption is one of the main causes of damaging the computer hardware.
The computer is not turned off the property or the hard drive becomes inaccessible at the time of data transfers. Moreover, power fluctuations or flickering can turn a computer off and on continuously. UPS of corporate assures that your computer does not blow off and remains functional after the sudden blackout.

Maintenance for UPS of Corporate

The electronic devices are fragile and without proper maintenance, they fail to function effectively. It is recommended to get in touch with Anamika Power Corporation on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis for ensuring the productivity of this battery back-up device.


In the monthly maintenance service, the professional runs a visual inspection and assessment for deterioration or wear of battery cabinet or batteries. Additionally, ambient temperature and the UPS environment are checked for getting rid of dust or electrolyte.


The monthly checks are included and the voltage of every cell is measured. Moreover, the negative-post temperature or ambient temperature is evaluated.


The yearly maintenance service is an extension to the monthly and quarterly services. Checking and measuring the torque of every connection along with cable resistance testing are done to make sure the UPS function fine.
This is how you can make the most of the UPS and keep your organisation running smoothly. You should choose best company and plan for better results. This is quite important to choose right UPS on rent service provider.
Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding UPS on rent services.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Why Choose UPS Rental Services Against Buying a UPS?

Whether you are a small scale or large scale business, electricity is a basic need to build your productivity seamlessly. You would see that power cuts can cause major business downtime which would eventually lead to losses. To prevent this scenario, you may want to get UPS installed at home. UPS is good for both homes as well as offices which tend to face issues due to power cuts.
Delhi and NCR region are known for load shedding and power cuts, and to avoid facing issues because of this it is a good idea to look out for an affordable UPS rental service provider in NCR (Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad). UPS makes use of battery backed up power to support your essential systems in case of a power cut.
You can either rent an UPS system or buy one for your home/office. While buying a high value UPS which would help keep the work going for the office can be an expensive affair, renting one is pretty reasonable. You just need to find the right online UPS rental company in NCR to help you get a good deal out of this.
Why Rent UPS System?
There is always a rational attached over renting a UPS system instead of buying one. You will see that renting can get you desired benefits in UPS system.
  • It is considerably a low risk affair for start-ups which do not want to invest a lot of money
  • You can easily replace a failed equipment
  • You can get the UPS system delivered and installed at your place the same day
  • It has its own insurance cover which makes it less risky
  • It is a temporary installation, and you can always give it back when you don’t need. You won’t need to think twice about giving it away
  • You can rent out large capacities at an affordable price. You will need an affordable UPS rental service provider in NCR (Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad) for that
  • You can rent it out for a week, a month or even a year depending on your need.
UPS Rental service

Choosing the Right UPS Service
When you are looking for online UPS Rental Company in Delhi NCR, you need to make sure you have set your criteria right. On time delivery is one thing that you must look out for in the online rental dealer that you are choosing. These rental companies should offer installation services to you. If you are looking out for online UPS rental dealers, try comparing them on their delivery and installation periods. In case the same day delivery dealers fit your budget, they should be your ideal choice. You should also choose a company that would offer decommissioning, removal as well as maintenance services on the UPS system you have rented.
Searching Online for Dealers

When you are looking online for the right UPS rental company, try looking into their user reviews. They would give an insight on how the dealer is. You can even try getting some references from people who have recently rented out an UPS system in your locality.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Looking for UPS on Hire or UPS on Rent in Delhi

If you are an entrepreneur, then you know the importance of undisrupted power supply for the business. APC is the UPS Rental Company that gives power assistance to major players in the business field like APTECH, NIIT, Hutch, HCL, Sony, etc. They have branches on Locations- Delhi NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, etc. that will solve power issues for several business establishments. They have some features that makes them stand apart from others like;
  • Business establishments can get branded UPS on hire or UPS on rent without investing more money in it.
  • High quality, expensive products are available that will meet the demand and capacity requirements of customers.
  • Fast delivery and installation of line-interactive UPS products with complacency.
  • They provide inverter on rent in Delhi with battery replacements.
  • They provide free maintenance that makes it highly cost effective solution for business needs.
  • The diverse products are available at any time for the customers that satisfies the capacity demands of customers.
  • The UPS rental company provides products with the power range from 1KVA to 500 KVA.
  • 24X7 customer support service that will guide customer through any complication to ensure smooth power supply.
  • They provide customized solutions for every business of all sizes that will solve the power issues easily.
  • APC provides power solution to Hotels, banks, hospitals, laboratories, data centers, executive offices, etc.
  • Highly reputed with years of experience that has vote of confidence from the top corporate offices and establishments.
Anamika Power Corporation (APC) focuses on location- Delhi NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad to provide power for business. The Indian economy is gaining strength with the evolution of new business every day that has high workload. All these establishments require good power supply for their best performance. Therefore, APC strives to provide flawless services to these companies to give them uninterrupted power supply that so not cause a dent in the pocket. Their support assists the business to overcome the power issues plaguing Delhi/NCR region. Their innovative option of providing high quality UPS on Rent or hire ensures peerless power supply. The professional data networks get what they require along with best customer service from the APC. If you want a quality product, best customer service and cost effective power solution for the growth of business, then contact APC immediately.