Friday, 29 July 2016

Features of Critical UPS Power Solutions & Services In India Delhi NCR

When you hire UPS on rental Services Company, there are certain features that you should necessarily look out for, which will give you excellent power backup solutions for home and office.

When you are hiring critical power solutions for your home or office, then you need to consider the right UPS on Rental Services Company. Power backup services are required in case you are settled in an area with load shedding issues. In case this is your permanent settlement, it is obviously good if you go for UPS hire solutions. There are various benefits and features available with the UPS solutions provided by UPS on rental services in India.

When you hire UPS on Rental Services Company, you need to check out for the following features. If they are available with the company you are hiring, you have just found the perfect power backup solution for your home.

Containerized Solutions

Does your solution provider give you completely containerized solutions for hire? This means you just need to set it up outside the building, and get started. They are standalone, and don’t need equipments.

Does the UPS on rental services in India give out the latest and the most advanced technologies as part of its UPS on rent? In that case you should hire that one right away. With ECO modes and a high efficiency UPS that is floor standing, you are in for a delightful technology time.

Do your UPS on rental Services Company provide you with generators that correspond to the UPS that you have installed? This is the most sought after feature when hiring a UPS on rental. The runtime should be efficient.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Fight Power Problems with UPS Rental Solutions - Anamika Power Corporation

It is important to know the various technologies offered by UPS systems. You would see that there are two kinds of UPS, centralized and decentralized, which are suited for different requirements. When you are planning on UPS system, you need to consider all these points individually.

UPS or uninterruptible power supply has its own set of applications. Whenever you cry power cut, UPS will come across as a savior. You will see that UPS rental is quite a nice way out to get backup power while paying comparatively less money.

Before you hunt for online UPS Rental Company in NCR, you need to find out where all UPS is applicable. Here are a few power problems where UPS can fit in perfectly.

  • In case your neighborhood faces voltage spikes or over voltage for a long period of time
  • A momentary reduction in the input voltage
  • Noise produced by the equipment around the power circuits
  • An instability occurring in the mains frequency
  • Constant occurrence of harmonic distortion

You will see that affordable UPS rental service provider in NCR offers three main technologies as part of the UPS they offer. The three different technologies include online, line interactive and standby. You will see that all the three technologies are quite good for your company, but you need to choose the one that fits all your requirements perfectly. Online technology works on the principle of double conversion while line interactive redirects the DC current path to offer electricity. Standby technology offers all the basic features required for the operation. You will see that this technology is generally used to provide surge protection as well as battery backup. When you seek UPS from online UPS rental company in NCR, you are normally looking for standby technology.

When you seek affordable UPS rental service in NCR, you are given two main choices, centralized and decentralized UPS. Centralized UPS means single UPS taking care of the whole load of your organization while decentralized UPS means giving individual backup for each load. Centralized UPS is located at a distant room away from the systems, while distributed UPS is placed near the system. You would see that both the systems are essentially meant for different kind of backup. While centralized is for large businesses, decentralized can be used for small units and low capacities.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Power your Small Scale Business with an UPS System – APC

When you own a start up, you should be prepared for power crisis. You will need to plan your UPS installation before you set out to buy one. Consider the load you would be applying on the UPS as part of your plan.

Have you ever given a definitive thought to the crisis management plan for your small scale business? Owning a start-up means you have to look at all angles to ensure that it runs smoothly without offering any downtime to your consumers.

Most businesses account for the highest consumption of electricity and heat. It is obvious that no electricity is equivalent to a crisis situation in the life of a small business. Power backup companies in NCR offer an interesting way to help save your business from falling prey to power crisis.

Why UPS?
With UPS you save your business from getting any downtime. You will see that the UPS system will provide your business with backup electricity in case of power cuts. You will feel increased efficiency with no downtime. Secondly you will see that getting a ups installed is comparatively cheaper than generating the lost data once again. Your equipment will not be damaged due to voltage fluctuations or power cuts.

UPSon rental services offer you installation and maintenance facilities of UPS at an affordable rate thus fitting your small scale budget. Having an UPS installed ensures continuity in your business.

Choosing the Right UPS on Rental Services
When it comes to small scale business, you will need to consider a few things before you choose an UPS system. You will need to plan out your installation before you get the UPS in place.

Consider the load you are planning to associate the UPS with. You will need to figure out the number of devices you would be attaching with this UPS backed power. Remember UPS won’t be able to cope with too much of load
You will need to consider the time till which UPS would need to supply backup power to your systems. Let’s say you have a fixed load shedding hour in your neighbourhood, then you will need to consider this point too
When choosing the power backup companies in NCR for UPS, you will need to consider the power rating of your UPS system too.
Contingency should be created. Know if you are planning to add any devices in future. 

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Friday, 1 July 2016

UPS On Renting/Hiring Company In Delhi NCR - Anamika Power Corporation

Whythat is some one searches for companies offering Rental services? It is a matter of concern for Organizations running and managing huge data in business to look for safe solution for their power related issues. They just cannot afford to lose valuable data and information that is so crucial for their business. The cost of equipment such as servers etc. may seem to be high at one point, while it is being purchased but just ask the users and they will confirm the Data on these servers are even more valuable.

Apart from virus, spam and other security threats which are handled by firewalls and the related software, the biggest concern is to have proper power supplies to these huge servers and the setups. Online UPS is the only option available for the companies who look for stable power supplies to their equipments be it server or any other power sensitive products. Emerson, APC, EATON, ECI and many more such branded companies are manufacturing and selling Online UPS.

Since such installations involve huge capital investments, hence the organizations were on lookout for companies who were in renting business. Anamika Power Corporation was one of the pioneers in the industry to bring this concept and have been serving the clients well since then. Today ask for top companies offering hiring services and Anamika Power Corporation pops up as the leader amongst them all and we feel so proud about it.

Anamika offers only branded UPS thereby maintaining the quality of service standard effectively. The policy of the company is to provide trouble free services to all the clients. Our work force widely covers areas in Delhi, NCR like Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Greater Noida and even Ghaziabad. We have worked hard and continue to do so till date. The reputation we have earned over the period of time is a subject of pride to all our dedicated team members& technicians.

Successful Installation & setting up of an Online UPS is not an easy task. It involves lot of labour and smart skills from technicians to do it. Our team makes sure that the work goes smooth and perfect in one go itself, so that there’s no need for the client to make any service calls. Big companies call for big units as per their needs and requirements. We have products suiting from small too big and very big organization. Our stocks are intelligently managed hence we are in position to take up new projects any time. Ready information on our units which are engaged on different sites are always available hence proper planning helps us manage it better and provide renting services to our valued customers.