Monday, 27 July 2015


A UPS or an uninterruptible power supply (which is also often referred to as uninterruptible power source or battery backup) is actually nothing but an electrical device which offers power to a certain load during emergency situation, for example, when an input power source or the main power has failed. A UPS is totally different from an emergency or auxiliary power system or a standby generator because it generally offers near-immediate protection in case of input power interruptions. This is done by supplying the energy that is already stored in super-capacitors, batteries or flywheels. If you are residing anywhere in Delhi which faces a lot of problems related to power failures, don’t worry because now you can have the facility to get UPSon rent in Delhi which means you can get UPS on rental basis. A UPS is also used for a number of purposes:
·         Industrial UPS: This is used in industrial or manufacturing situations, for instance, plant facilities as well as factories.

·         Medical UPS: These are used in different medical centers and hospitals. A medical UPS system is extremely important because it supports the life-support systems along with other such critical equipments.
·         Computer and Communication System: These are found in different server farms as well as web hosting sites.
·         High Temperature: These are normally suited for conditions involving very high temperature.
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Friday, 17 July 2015


An UPS or an uninterruptible power supply is actually a device which lets a computer to continue to run for a short period of time at least, after the primary source of power is cut off. It also gives protection from sudden power cuts. A UPS consists of a battery which starts working when the electronic gadget detects a cut down of power from a primary source. In case a person is using his computer while the UPS is notifying him the power failure, he will have the time to quickly save any important data that he was working on and then exit carefully before the secondary source of power (that is the battery) runs out. After all the power has run out, every piece of data in the computer's RAM (random access memory) will be erased. When such power failures occur, the UPS will stop the power cut in order to prevent any kind of damage that the computer is likely to face.
The ups systems are basically of two types:
1.       SPS (Standby power systems): Such a device is known for its ability to check the power line and then switch immediately to the battery power when it senses a trouble.
2.       On-line UPS devices: These systems provide the protection of highest level against every type of power problem and provide instantaneous power backup.
The main function of a UPS system is to offer power for a short time, after the main power source has failed. However; most of these systems also have the ability to correct certain common problems related to utility power such as:
·         Sustained overvoltage or voltage spike

·         Temporary or continual decrease in the input voltage

·         Noise that is described as a transient or oscillation of very high frequency, usually inserted into the line by some nearby equipment

·         Unstable behaviour of mains frequency

·         Harmonic distortion: This is described as a removal from the actual sinusoidal wave form that is expected on the line.
UPS units are usually divided into different categories on the basis of their working mechanism and the environment they are required to work in. Often manufacturers also distinguish the products according to the total number of power failure cases that they face.
The UPS devices are available in a number of different sizes and forms. However; two of the most used forms are the tower model and the rack-mount model.
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